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After spending years guiding and outfitting across the state of Montana, Jason decided to pursue the opportunity to open his own lodge operation. In October 2003, he closed on the property that would become TroutChasers and hasn’t looked back. A few short months after purchasing the property, Jason met Julie, and he quickly knew that she was the catch of a lifetime. With little idea of what she was getting into, Julie quit her job, moved to Bozeman, and eagerly took on various aspects of managing and running a lodge. Her many hats include housekeeper, chef, gardener, host, office manager, and handy woman.

In 2010, Jason and Julie welcomed Annalise to the family, and she has been a trusty sidekick ever since. She loves helping the guides get ready in the morning, being a guide assistant to her dad, and being out on the water as much as possible. Annalise was joined by sister Isabelle on New Years Eve 2013, and Isabelle has eagerly taken on the role of mini-hostess and social events coordinator – she loves joining the guests for meals and showing them around the property.

Owning and operating their family-owned business has afforded the Fleurys the chance to build a life together, working side by side, on a beautiful piece of property surrounded by nature. It is their hope to share the magic of Montana with their guests and preserve their piece of Big Sky Country for others to enjoy.

We take the time to customize your time with us to you, ensuring that whether you’re staying with us, fishing with us, or both, you have a truly memorable time. Before you arrive, our goal is to understand exactly what you want, need and expect you’re your visit. That way we can select everything from your ideal lodging accommodations to the guide who’ll take you on the water. And because we own and manage all aspects of TroutChasers, we are able to deliver excellent, consistent service from start to finish.

As native Montanans, all of us at TroutChasers Fly Fishing Lodge & Outfitters want to keep our state beautiful, we place a high priority on sustainability. When you visit our riverfront property, you’ll find solar panels providing much of our energy. You’ll also see that we minimize single-use items in our operations; for example, if you’re fishing with us, you’ll receive a reusable water bottle (no plastic bottles to toss!) We use cloth napkins, metal silverware and even reusable containers, plus we have a great recycling and composting program in place.

Meet The Team

Meet Your Bozeman, Montana Fly Fishing Guides

Jason Fleury

Owner/Outfitter #8375

Growing up in a family that loved the outdoors, Jason spent countless nights camping around Montana, exploring the many amazing waters Montana has to offer. He began his guiding career while finishing up college in southwest Montana and hasn’t looked back. In 2003, along with his soon to be wife Julie, they fulfilled Jason’s childhood dream starting TroutChasers Lodge on the Gallatin River. With their two daughters, they have continued to operate their lodge focusing on sharing with their guests a lifestyle of stewardship and conservation while chasing trout on the exceptional rivers found in Montana. Along the banks of the Gallatin flowing through TroutChasers lodge, they most recently hosted Montana’s Senator Jon Tester’s unveiling of the Headwaters Legacy Act, which will protect 336 river miles in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and the Smith River watershed.

Annalise Fleury

Guide Assistant

Annalise, the daughter of Julie and Jason, has been a helping hand at TroutChasers her entire life. She enjoys working around the Lodge, taking care of animals, playing with the dogs, and assisting guides to get ready for their fishing trips in the early mornings. Her favorite spot to fish is The Gallatin River, which is located directly behind the property.

Her hobbies are soccer, hunting, basketball, football, dogs, art, riding horses, and much more. She particularly enjoys the outdoors and watching wildlife who can be seen directly from their own backyard. Montana has a lot to offer, but a wide variety of wildlife, incredible fly fishing, and close proximity to beautiful rivers are what she loves most. 

Annalise enjoys being on the river with their guests, watching the excitement of catching a fish, and appreciating the natural beauty of Montana rivers. 

Josh Stanish

Head Guide 

Josh, grew up in Eagle, Colorado on the banks of the Eagle River. He was on the river so often during the summer that a couple of the outfitters running trips told him once he was old enough to drive a car, he needed to come see them about guiding. And so, began his involvement in the fly fishing industry. He has been working with TroutChasers for more than 12 years and when asked what he enjoys most about taking people out on a river, he’ll tell you it’s the enjoyment of seeing new anglers catching their first fish on a fly rod. The smiles and laughter are a big part of why he loves guiding. Josh has decades of experience under his belt and always has fantastic stories about the area’s history to share throughout a guide day. He feels coming to Montana offers so many different opportunities for guests and having guides who have experience on countless waters is really what makes TroutChases stand above the rest.

When not on the water, he enjoys watching his children participate in sports and spends time tying flies. During the off season, he is an elementary school teacher and his passion for learning runs deep in everything he does—in and out of the classroom.  

Tim Trafton


Tim has been guiding anglers at Trout Chaser Lodge since 2009. Tim grew up in Maine and has many memories of casting to Brook trout from a canoe on secluded ponds in the pine tree state. Tim graduated from Bowdoin College with a BA in Biology, received his Master’s in Biomechanics from Montana State University, and has guided in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Alaska. Tim is an extremely passionate and patient instructor who enjoys creating an unforgettable fly fishing experience for all. His background in biomechanics allows him to evaluate, analyze, and improve fly fishing techniques. Tim lives in Bozeman with his wife Kim, his two children Boone & Eloise, and their Llewellyn setters. During the off season you can find him at Bridger Bowl where he works as a ski patroller.

Dane Huzarski


Dane has been guiding anglers at TroutChasers for seven years. He grew up in Nevada and started fly fishing seriously at the age of 16. He swears that it’s Julie’s homemade desserts that first brought him to working with TroutChasers. You ask him what keeps him and he’ll tell you it’s the great staff and professional outfit that provides unforgettable experiences. Dane enjoys meeting new people and visiting with returning clients. How better could someone spend their time than floating down a beautiful river enjoying the scenery, camaraderie and trying to fool the wild trout in Montana? During the off season, Dane enjoys photography and coaching High School Wrestling.

Alice Owsley


Alice Owsley has been guiding the area’s blue ribbon waters for over twenty years and independently outfitting clients since 2012. 

A fly rod led Alice from spring creeks in Ohio, where she learned to pursue trout at the age of 8, to the Rocky Mountain West hunting for any fish that would take a fly. Through all of her travels—from Belize to Alaska or even New Zealand—no place or fish has held her interest like the trout species that inhabit the waters of Greater Yellowstone.

Alice is an award-winning caster who enjoys teaching clients reach casts, tuck casts, and proper fly presentation when Montana’s afternoon winds begin to blow.

She is also a member of the Simms Pro Team, Costa Sunglasses Ambassador, an R.L. Winston Field Advisor, a Scientific Anglers Ambassador, and member of the Clackacraft Pro Staff.

Bert Horsley


Originally from Virginia, Bert grew up fishing waters in the central and southwestern parts of the state. He started fishing with bait and spinners but was introduced to fly fishing and never looked back. Although fishing is passion, by trade he taught high school in Virginia for six years before moving to Montana where he has taught for many years and also served as a high school administrator. He has guided for Trout Chasers for nearly 10 years and he loves the atmosphere created by everyone there. He’s fished Montana and guided local waters for many years, and enjoys time on all of these waters, but especially the Yellowstone. Having a background in education, he is passionate about seeing people learn and experience new places and things and has patience throughout this process, but he also enjoys time with experienced anglers fishing the waters that he loves. When not fishing he loves hunting and spending time with his family, enjoying all Montana has to offer.

Nathan Anderson


Nathan grew up in Minnesota, the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes and a whole lot of rivers. He found his passion for rivers while living on the upper Mississippi fishing for walleye, smallies, and muskies.
In 1985 he moved to Bozeman where he pursued a microbiology degree but has, in actuality, spent his time “wasting his life” as an unrepentant fly fishing river rat. There are few rivers worth fishing in Montana that he hasn’t spent time on in the last 35 years. His offseason passion is fishing for steelhead with spey rods and messing around with trout spey as well.
Nathan truly enjoys teaching fly fishing to the uninitiated and passing on whatever techniques and expertise he can to those who have experience. While nymphing is the most productive method, he loves to fish dries, is a hardcore streamer junkie, and will gladly pursue those methods if his clients prefer.

Matt “Matty” Nispel


Originally from Eau Claire Wisconsin, fly fishing didn’t really find its way into “Matty’s” life until a friend introduced him to it in the mountains west of Colorado Springs Colorado as a young adult. That first trip successfully planted the bug in his brain and he started putting every free hour into teaching himself and honing his skills on Colorado rivers such as the South Platte, Arkansas, Taylor, Blue, Frying Pan and New Mexico’s San Juan. Ditching life in a cubical at work in the insurance industry, he packed up and made the move to Livingston Montana in 2011 where he worked as general manager and guide at Dan Bailey’s Fly Shop for five years before leaving to guide full time. Having fished and guided all over Montana, Matty is equally at home on all our rivers big and small, spring creeks or lakes with either one or two-handed fly rods. Known for his constant smile, enthusiastic approach, and abundant patience Matt’s ability to balance focused fishing with big laughs is enjoyed by beginners and seasoned anglers alike. In the off-season cross-country skiing and reading fill the gaps between the time at the tying vise and personal fishing days at home or somewhere salty.

Lodge Team

Julie Fleury

Co-owner and operator, Julie was born and raised in Great Falls, Montana, not far from the “Mighty Mo,” though growing up, she had no idea how large a role fly fishing would play later in her life. Her responsibilities at TroutChasers include (but are not limited to) preparing meals, cleaning, tending to the landscaping, bookkeeping, marketing, organizing, laundry, playing with the dogs, and keeping a smile on everyone’s face. She looks forward to all of the friends and adventures that her future at T.C.’s holds.

Isabelle Fleury

Welcoming Committee

Isabelle has been a fire cracker since she came into the world on New Years Eve 2013. She appreciates all things fancy, loves to socialize with guests, and especially loves when other children come to stay at TroutChasers. Dessert is her favorite meal.
Dogs of TroutChasers


(2003 – 2016)

Loomis, the original Lodge dog, was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever who captured our hearts and built a love and respect for a dog breed that is known as highly intelligent, stubborn, loyal, and the utmost protector of their family. Loomis exhibited all of these traits, with his protective nature being his strong suit. There are more stories than we can list here – throughout his life, he drove off a moose that was charging Julie, and on a separate occasion, he did the same for Jason and a fishing client. Loomis ran-off a black bear that thought a three year old Annalise looked like a treat while on her swing set and made sure a grizzly bear didn’t take a step closer to Jason and Annalise on a camping trip. His willingness to throw himself in front of whatever danger he encountered was unmatched, yet he would snuggle in our bed like a dog who wouldn’t hurt a fly. It has been our love and admiration for Loomis is what has kept Chesapeake Bay Retrievers as the official Lodge dogs of TroutChasers.


(2006 – 2014)

Jackson was an unexpected surprise to us, as Loomis had found love with the neighbor’s black Labrador Retriever, Tinkerbell.  When we saw this little brown fluff ball, we knew he had a place at our Lodge.  Jackson never met an animal or person he did not love and could be seen playing in the pastures around the Lodge on a few occasions with a skunk (while never getting sprayed), a mink that was living in our pond, and one of the local foxes.  It was never a surprise to hear one of our guests tell us how he they had just seen him playing with any of these animals.  If there was ever a friendlier dog, we have not met it!


(2014 – )

Gus (named after Augustus McCrae from Lonesome Dove) is our goof ball Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  He will swim in circles in our pond for hours and seems to never get tired.  His love of water is only matched by his love for people, and he exhibits a very playful nature. Gus has shown that his stomach is one that should be studied as he has the palette and ability to ingest everything from cedar siding to nuts and bolts! Following in the footsteps of Loomis, he also loves to go down to the river, put his head underwater, and rifle for the largest rocks he can find – he’ll proudly carry his treasure back to you and drop it at your feet.  What a rock hound!


(2020 – )

Doc (whose name was inspired by Doc Holiday of Tombstone) is our newest addition and was brought to our family at the request of Annalise.  He has fit in well, and his best friend, aside from Annalise, is certainly Gus.  He has the big scowl-like smile that Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are known for and loves to greet you with his teeth-barring grin.  He is playful and happy, and we look forward to making memories with him as part of the TroutChasers family.

A Friend of Trout is a Friend of Mine


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Jason Fleury

Growing up in a family that loved the outdoors, Jason spent countless nights camping around Montana, exploring the many amazing waters Montana has to offer.  He began his guiding career while finishing up college in southwest Montana and hasn’t looked back.  In 2003, along with his soon to be wife Julie, they fulfilled Jason’s childhood dream starting TroutChasers Lodge on the Gallatin River.  With their two daughters, they have continued to operate their lodge focusing on sharing with their guests a lifestyle of stewardship and conservation while chasing trout on the exceptional rivers found in Montana.  Along the banks of the Gallatin flowing through TroutChasers lodge, they most recently hosted Montana’s Senator Jon Tester’s unveiling of the Headwaters Legacy Act, which will protect 336 river miles in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and the Smith River watershed.

Since 2017, Jason has been President of the board of directors for the Fishing Outfitters Association of Montana (FOAM), expanding FOAM’s involvement in resource management issues in Montana and continuing in their conservation efforts.  Under Jason’s leadership and direction, FOAM successfully helped to implement the Madison Recreation Plan, which is the first step in dealing with issues such as the rapid increase in crowding of the Madison River.  This Madison Recreation Plan was over 50 years in the making and had been plagued by the many differences of individual user groups and how each perceived a management plan should be implemented.  Jason was instrumental in helping to bring the varied interest groups, and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks together to collectively agree to the proposed management regulations FOAM offered to be implemented.  During this time, Jason also helped to bring FOAM’s flagship conservation program, Guiding for the Future, an advanced training program for professional outfitters and guides working to build a sustainable future for our fisheries, to life with the inaugural practicum graduating 25 students.

COVID-19 Information:

We feel extremely fortunate to have concluded our 2020 season without having to shut down or cancel any trips due to a Covid exposure and/or outbreak on any of our trips or at our property.

In our continuing effort to keep our guests and team safe, our guide staff and those working at the lodge have committed to obtaining the Covid vaccination as soon as it becomes available to them.

We will continue the safety protocols that kept us operating through 2020 and will heed any recommendations by our County Board of Health.

With the uncertainty of travel due to Covid, we cannot emphasize enough the need to protect your financial travel investment with trip insurance. As a small, family-operated lodge, a canceled trip is next to impossible to re-book on short notice. Travel insurance can help to reimburse your expenses should you or someone in your party have to cancel.

Thanks for your understanding – we look forward to seeing you in the future!

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