Autumn is a big time of year around here, and this fall is no exception. Things do begin to quiet down with guest traffic slowing, but there’s much to do to prepare the property for winter and to get our office work wrapped up. This year though, it’s a big time of year for another reason, too – TroutChasers Lodge is 10 years old! Just as time seems to fly by when reflecting on our children growing up, the years have passed quickly as we look back on our business’ first ten years, too. We have so much to be proud of and are also incredibly excited for all of the continued improvements and growth that the future holds.

Sometimes, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details and forget how far you’ve come, but when we look at these photos, we remind ourselves just how much things have changed around here.

This is what the “driveway” looked like when Jason found the property.
The backyard then (even after a few improvements).
Dining Room? Cabin? Pond? Where are you?!?
My, how things have changed!

There’s so much that has changed here at TroutChasers that we’re dying to share with you, but if we included it all in one post, you’d be reading for much too long. So, to commemorate all of the wonderful changes in the coming months, we’ll post individual stories about each of the “growth spurts.” We hope you enjoy the before and after process as much as we do!