Catch, release and still hang the trophy on your wall

Catching a wild trout is an incredible experience, and we want those fond memories to flourish for as long as possible. So, in addition to the beautiful photographs and detailed journal entries you may keep about your day on the river and the fish that you caught, Jason is excited to also offer fiberglass fish replicas – a timeless and artful way to remember and display that stunning trout that you experienced on your Montana fly fishing trip.

Unlike the past’s traditional skin mounts, modern fiberglass replicas allow your wild trout to live another day, letting another fisherperson experience the delight of reeling in that wild fish. In addition, today’s fiberglass replicas will stand the test of time – not fading or cracking over the years.

To create a customized mount, all we need from you are a few photos of the fish (including close-ups and multiple angles, if possible) and overall measurements (length, girth). Jason will take care of the rest bonding and shaping a custom fiberglass mold and hand-painting your Montana trout down to the last detail.

Our one-sided, wall-mounted replicas are created for $20/inch. Additional mounting styles (ex: table mount, driftwood mount) are also available for various fees.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to get your customized fish replica started today!