Trophies from the Treasure State

A “Trophy Fish” doesn’t necessarily mean the largest ever caught, (although sometimes that is the case!). What the definition should say is, a fish that stands out as exceptional in the eyes of the angler who caught it.

To a fisherman who has yet to catch a fish on a fly, your trophy could be the first fish you are able to land, regardless of size. Every fish that is caught on a fly should be treasured, and those that stand out in your mind are the real trophies, whether a 5 inch trout, or a 15 pound bruiser.

We try and take as many fishing pictures as possible for you so that when you get home and back to work, we’re sure your fishing pictures will bring back great memories you can show to family and friends. At TroutChasers, we love seeing each of our clients have a special experience that makes for a memorable Montana fly fishing vacation!

Here’s a sample of some of the “trophies” we’ve been able to capture with our camera …

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